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Why Custom Metal Cutting Matters to You Today

What are the benefits of custom metal cutting offered by Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning? Let us explain.

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Exactly What You Need

Your project has its own unique twists, turns, and issues. Viccarone’s custom metal cutting gives you the flexibility to address those idiosyncrasies. Plasma cutting allows for the formation of complex shapes as well as special projects and custom needs.

No shape is too difficult and no problem too great for Viccarone Heating and Cooling. With the ability to create parts of various thicknesses (up to one inch) on various bare metals, the versatility of plasma cutting gets the job done - exactly the way you need it.

Excellent Precision and Quality

No matter the type of sheet metal required for your project, our custom metal cutting delivers precision and quality. CNC Programmable logic relays the message to the cutting tools to produce cuts to your exact specifications.

Plus, no messy lubes, oils or solvent-based liquids are needed for processing. This feature of plasma cutting means clean metal products delivered to you. Whether you need to bend, weld or fasten the precisely cut parts, they prove easier and safer to work with.

Improved Reproduction

Some orders or projects may require duplication of the same parts. Plasma cutting produces highly consistent, reproducible products. This quality saves you time and money in production. 

Additionally, this process works well on a variety of sheet metals including:

- Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG)
- Stainless steel
- Cold rolled steel (CRS)
- Aluminum
- Lighter gauge hot rolled steel

Environmentally Friendly

The process of plasma cutting does not require fluids. Therefore, wastewater disposal does not come into play. This fact, combined with the conservation of metal during cutting (even less waste), makes Viccarone’s custom metal work an environmentally-friendly process.

Money Savings

While investing in plasma cutting equipment may be outside your budget, we can save you money. Ordering your project pieces through Viccarone gets you the precision you need without the overhead. Plus, less waste and other needed materials save on overall costs.

With options for quick service, small or large quantity orders, easy order entry, credit card or invoice billing, Viccarone can tackle your custom metal cutting needs with professionalism and quality.

Call Viccarone HVAC for questions, quotes and customer service inquiries.

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