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Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Goodman Furnace from Viccarone | HVACA little update from Viccarone HVAC for when it’s time to replace that Furnace:

Did you know the US Department of Energy has enacted that all furnaces switch production over from PSC blower motors to more efficient ECM motors effective for production after July 3, 2019.
At Viccarone HVAC, we have been much converted now for about 12 weeks on inventory and installing 90% of our installations with the new ECM motor designs. Spare parts and service needs are being addressed with all the manufacturers we deal with daily.

A little explanation about the motor designs:

On many installed furnaces, the original (OEM) blower motor is a PSC model. Short for Permanent split capacitor, PSC motors are designed to do what furnace motors have always done in the past: simply turn on and off. The output of a PSC motor isn’t controllable and it has no intermediate speeds. It’s either running at full output or it’s not running at all. The energy consumption of the motor is therefore fixed at a single maximum rate.
Electronically commutated motors (ECM) represent an advance in blower motor efficiency that saves substantial energy and improves aspects of overall system performance. ECMs are brushless motors developed by General Electric, which owns the trademark on the name. Since its introduction in 1985, the adoption of ECM technology has played a major role in increasing the energy efficiency of furnaces and air conditioners.
This change in design nearly doubles the efficiency ranges based on outputs. Think of it as a slow ramp up of output based on comfort needs in the home with a slow ramp down rather than a hard blower motor stop once desired temperature is met from the thermostat.
In normal terms, this ECM motor should adhere to double the total hours in run life over a PSC motor with less maintenance throughout the life cycle. Remember, other parts and controls for the most part do not change, so you still want to be aware of normal maint/cleaning, filter changing will always help effectiveness of your furnace.
Your furnace is estimated to represent about 10% of the total home energy usage so this change can and will see benefit to the bottom line.
Added benefit to the DOE change is truly that increased comfort is gained to homeowners by the furnace manufactured with ECM motor features. More controlled on-time of air flow allows for more comfortable/consistent living quarters. The longer, low-output cycles of an ECM blower break up the stratification of heat at the ceiling and keep warm air circulating throughout the room.
And that’s the information for our December update.
Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your #1 HVAC service provider – Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning Company.
We look forward to writing you again in January 2020.
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