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Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

Tips to Keep your home more ac efficient

Let’s give some tips on helping your cooling for this time of year.

Simple balancing of homes with central Heating & Cooling in mind.

  • Cold air drops, Hot air rises.
  • If homes with basements – be sure now that supply registers are closed in the basement so you force air upstairs. Basements will be naturally cooler in summer season.
  • Usually, any home you could close off the supply register nearest to the Thermostat in the summer so you enable the A/C unit to have more run time once it kicks on throughout the days. Run time is important and sizing AC condensers for appropriate run time is critical. Again, the load of energy is greatest as the unit kicks on, and run time is best to continue it so the home is dehumidifying well. Units that are satisfying the thermostat too quickly are just creating wasted energy and equipment/part fatigue cycling on/off within minutes of starting up.
  • Homes with second floors (usually bedrooms) you can cut back cooling through registers on the first floor. This will increase run time usually for your equipment and reminder – cold air drops nonetheless. Keep bedroom doors closed helps cooling comfort most times. Keep blinds closed as possible helps cooling comfort. Homes facing West should try to manage blinds during 1-6 pm hot sun load penetrating throughout windows.
  • Run simple dehumidifiers as an extra benefit for basement dryness and pure smell in the air during summer months. Be sure to empty the water drawer as it fills or hook up a continuous drain hose as dehumidifiers come with as an accessory for just that. An outside condenser unit (A/C unit) is basically a large dehumidifier with other benefits of course.
  • Keep your furnace filter clean even during summer cooling months.
  • Most homes have mechanical dampers in basement and you can try to increase flow to certain levels that way as well to force air flow into upstairs during cooling season.

If homes have Viccarone installations, call us and we can walk homeowners through the thought process and possibly schedule any service needed at the same time.

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