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The Biggest Benefits to Installing a Smart Thermostat

Why using a smart thermostat in northeast ohio is a good idea | Viccarone Heating & Cooling

Smart home technology is changing today's home. As we become more tuned into our technology, so do our homes. Our connections don't stop at computers and smartphones, but everything: appliances, speakers, hot water heaters, you name it. One of the best components to change out: the thermostat.  Adding a smart, WiFi thermostat brings climate control into the palm of your hand seamlessly. 

But why upgrade your system to a smart thermostat? The answer is simple: smart thermostats are better:

Why are Smart Thermostats Better?

While there are many reasons why a smart thermostat is better for your home, here are some of the biggest benefits they provide:

  • Lower Cost Efficient Energy Use. Everybody loves to save money, and one of the biggest expenses we have is the cost of heating our homes in the winter, especially with the fluctuating temperatures in Northeast Ohio, and cooling it in the summer. Some manufacturer reports and homeowner experiences state that “Smart Thermostats” can provide an average of $75-130 per year potential savings. Nest quotes Smart thermostats can provide an average of over $130 a year to your savings by automatically adjusting the temperature to meet the needs of the home while still keeping everyone in it comfortable.
  • Removes the Need for Human Programming. If you've ever had a thermostat that requires programming to determine what time it should operate and at what temperature, then you likely know frustration. While many (thermostats) are easier to program than a VCR from the 80's, they can still be confusing and the chance for human error is always possible. Smart thermostats take that complex programming hassle away.
  • Adjustable From Anywhere. If your home has a Wi-Fi connection, then it's likely that your new smart thermostat can wirelessly network with your needs as well. Most smart thermostats have cell phone apps or websites that allow you to make changes to your home's temperature while you are away from home. This is very beneficial if plans change so that you can have the home comfortable before you return or for unexpected guests. After a long days work, it's nice to be able to adjust the temperature of your home before pulling into the drive. It also enables you to change what the HVAC system is doing if you left for business or vacation and forgot to adjust it before you departed. Not only can you control your home's thermostat from just about anywhere, the thermostat will also alert you if the temp in your home drops below a set point, inputted by you, protecting you from possible frozen/busted pipes.
  • Track Energy Usage. One of the best features of modern smart thermostats is that they provide tools to track the energy usage of your home as well. Whether it's a thermostat from Ecobee, NEST, Honeywell or other great brand, they all offer tools to see how your energy usage compares to other homes. This makes sure you are maximizing the best equipment and programming to keep your bills down and cash in your wallet.

Smart Thermostats for your Northeast Ohio Residence

If you are behind the times and could use an updated thermostat, there's no better time than now to start saving money by installing a WiFi smart thermostat. Just know, not all HVAC devices may be easily connected to your wireless, smart thermostat. It can be accomplished with some new wiring work and further details. 

If you're in Northeast Ohio, give our Service Department a call (or fill out our contact form) to discuss your options. Perhaps you will want a technician out to inspect your current system and give some suggestions. Don't hesitate to start making your heating usage more efficient today!


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