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Energy-Efficient Tips to Keep Your Home Warm

Energy-Efficient Heating | Viccarone Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning here with a few tips to help you maximize the comfort of your home in the winter without maximizing your energy bills! Check out the tips below to learn how to keep your home more energy-efficient:

  • Hanging curtains and window blinds does help prevent heat loss and allows less cold to penetrate windows or sliding door.
  • Arrange furniture so that it doesn't block registers and try not to keep furniture too close to windows. 
  • Switch ceiling fans rotation in winter vs. summer season – read up on it so you can push heat down, especially when not using bedrooms and pull cool air up in cooling season.
  • Leave bedroom doors open if possible, during heating season. Usually, second-floor bedrooms will benefit from open doors – also allows heat to rise but gives more airflow to return vents, thus forcing more airflow through registers located in rooms.
  • Add area rugs as needed – with many homes going to tile, wood, or luxury vinyl flooring, it will make sense for rugs as insulation in winter months if possible. A lot of heat is lost through floors, not to mention how cold it is on your feet!
  • Cook more - Actually using oven, stove and such does help heating parameters and always leave oven doors cracked open (if no small children in area) after turning appliances off when finished. That energy used for cooking is a great source of extra heat.
  • NOTE = keep flue exhaust and intake pipes clear of piled up snow during these snow-filled months.

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