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Do You Cover Your AC Unit in the Winter?

Covering Ac in winter

Do You Have a Habit of Covering Your Air Conditioner? 

We see many exterior air conditioning units fully covered and tightened down secure for winter time… THIS IS NOT OUR SUGGESTION!
At Viccarone, we have a different philosophy than other articles you may have read or products you see online to sell covers. DON’T DO IT

How to Properly Cover Your AC in the Winterac in winter time

If you have a burning desire to cover the unit then please use a mesh vinyl/ canvas/breathable material or purchased cover that is breathable (not full enclosure) but just cut the size of the AC top and put the material down then secure with plastic coated bungee straps across the top.
Using heavy wood or blocks on top of the material actually pressures moisture on the paint surface and keeps that moisture from wicking over time as snow and frost melt and the weather cycles that take place.
We want the unit to breathe and we do not want the full unit covered so winter weather or rain is trapped inside the housing for extended periods. Remember, rodents like safe covered places, mold and mildew grow in dark, wet and humid areas with no air circulation and also corrosion of metal will happen (especially cut edge or unpainted surfaces. When you have all of these conditions, that’s when issues are created. Reminder, covering A/C’s does NOT prevent moisture from inside the unit – it will find it’s way inside covers.
Major air conditioner manufacturers usually do not suggest or recommend covering units. The galvanized metal and extensive 2 coat paint systems are designed to withstand harsh winter and hot summer weather. Major paint companies supplying these pre-painted and post painted applications do extensive testing on their paint systems so they can withstand outside environments. Shading AC units in hot summer or high sun exposure locations is suggested if done properly.


We only suggest covering your unit during heavy hail storms or major blizzards BUT then uncover it asap after storms pass and snow is removed from the top and side areas for access to normal air flow.
Any questions – don’t hesitate to call Viccarone Heating & Air Conditioning at 440-748-6100
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