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Do I Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Do I need to get my ac check? | Viccarone HVAC

Though we still have some time before those hot summer days and nights, now is the perfect time to get your preventative air conditioning unit maintenance done. At Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning, we are offering a special: Save $40 when you call before April 30th, 2020, to schedule your AC tune-up before July 1st!

Why is Preventative HVAC Maintenance Important?

If you own a car, you wouldn't drive your car all year without an oil change; the same concept goes for your HVAC equipment. Sure, your car might still run for a while without an oil change, but for how much longer before you start to experience expensive problems? Your air conditioning system is just like a car in terms of needing a little maintenance every so often to keep it running longer and more efficiently. 

Not only will regular ac maintenance help you save money in the long run, but it will help you have your air conditioning when you need it the most. Prevent breakdowns during peak demand by scheduling your maintenance in spring!

How Often Should I Have My AC Tuned-Up?

We recommend having your AC checked every spring, right before you really start to need it all the time. 

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If you want to learn more about why preventative maintenance is so important for both your AC and heating, contact us today. And make sure you call before April 30th, 2020, and schedule your service appointment before July 1st, 2020, to save $40 on your spring air conditioning tune-up!

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