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Benefits of Custom Duct Work

Creating custom duct work is a science and an art. Custom duct work is important for increasing efficiency and reducing costs in your heating and cooling system. 

Custom Duct WorkOptimizing Your HVAC System

By beginning a custom duct work job with Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your system.

To start optimizing your HVAC system, you need to reduce the static pressure. This reduction in static pressure comes from the engineering and utilization of a proper design load calculation and not oversizing the equipment. If you are using equipment that is oversized, you are compensating for the waste from the ductwork, the filter box and other system drags on the total system design.

You can improve the HVAC system design and total effectiveness by including:

  • A radius duct design.
  • Increase the duct size.
  • Reduce the right angles.
  • Eliminate the wasted corners.
  • Reduce any leaks, holes or openings in the duct.

You can add larger filter box sizes to help with the proper filtration and provide adequate Merv levels. The key is to remove the air flow DRAG - 100% of input tries to achieve 100% - “x” output.

HVAC Systems with Zone Controls

In an HVAC system with zones, increasing the zone damper size before the normal duct cavities can benefit the air flow to those specific areas. Using the straight common size ducts throughout the full design may put a strain on the system.

Custom Duct Work: Designed with You In Mind

If you think of static pressure like a blockage in an artery in the human body, doctors try to open up the artery and blood flow with stints. By either opening up the artery or bypass the restriction the flow of blood increases to the area of the body.

This is a very similar concept that we follow at Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning. We are always looking to design a system that is cost-beneficial and meets the customer’s total HVAC system needs.

Custom Duct Work by Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the science behind a proper HVAC system, contact Viccarone Heating and Air Conditioning.

When customers have questions or when we can educate them on the science behind proper HVAC systems please give Viccarone HVAC a call. Gino, Tim, Dan, Randy, Casey and the entire Viccarone team will help to answer any questions one might have on effective home or business HVAC designs.

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